Life Changing // Stylebook App

I have used the Stylebook app for about four years. I use the words life changing to describe the Stylebook app because it makes my life more efficient and organized. A win, win!

The tedious part is getting your closet onto the app. My suggestion is to make a weekend out of it…invite a girlfriend over, have Stylebookwine, and purge your closet while snapping pictures of your pieces. The pieces that you purge consign or donate. You will feel a lighter, more organized, and you may make some money.

Back to the app! The app offers so many great features. My favorites are the looks, packing lists, and calendars.

Under the Looks tab I created various categories including work, rainy day, formal, and evening. In these categories are outfit ideas that I’ve either tried on already or just put together in my head. Some I’ve never worn but it is a great reference to refer back to. If you have a look in mind for an event you can place it on a specific day in the calendar. I love placing a couple of looks on one day and then deciding the day of.

The calendar is great for not only placing looks but planning in advance. I plan my work outfits a week out to make my mornings less stressful.

Now for the packing lists. I refuse to check bags. I went to my wedding and honeymoon with one carry on. The packing list portion makes this possible. It is a great way to plan far in advance without actually packing. I start by putting everything I want to bring in the designated folder and then edit from there based on weather and the itinerary for the trip. I pack pieces that can be dressed up or down and go a little heavy on the accessories.

If you don’t have this app already, I hope you download it. I promise it will make your life more organized! Enjoy!