Nail Polish Index

Does anyone else own a million nail polishes? I am definitely guilty of this. I get so much joy out of finding new polishes and picking out my nail color for the week.

I am constantly trying to make my life more efficient and organized, which brings me to indexing your nail polishes. I promise it is easier than it sounds.

What you need:

  • All your nail polishes
  • White Index cards
  • A Pen

Step 1: Line up your polishes by color.

Step 2: Each index card can comfortably fit 15 colors (3 rows of 5). Section out what colors will be on each index card. Let’s be honest, you will purchase more nail polishes in the future so you will want to leave some space for future colors.

Step 3: Write out the brand and the name of the color for all your polishes on the index cards, following the imaginary grid of 3 rows of 5 colors.

Step 4: Paint the coordinating color under its name.

Step 5: Let dry overnight.

Extra OCD Step: Place your nail polishes in a plastic container in the same order that’s on your index cards.