Five Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo With Jessica Wronker

I’ve had the pleasure to work with and get to know Jessica ofjwp Jessica Wronker Photography. Jessica and I initially met to do a shoot for my blog and instantly hit it off.

Believe it or not, taking pictures for my blog is not my favorite thing to do. When I met Jessica to do our first shoot, I was nervous and didn’t want to look awkward in the pictures. Jessica made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. She gave me ideas on how to pose and snapped away. She made the shoot fun and even when we got rained on, she was up for a wine break. A rain delay and a glass of wine later we had great photos and a friendship.

Jessica has been kind enough to share her “Five Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo” with Fashion to a T readers…

These days, photos are everywhere and everyone wants to know how to take the perfect picture. Whether it is to have those great photos of your family or to share what you’re doing day-to-day with your followers on social media. It is great to be able to share images that tell a story and display the true vision of what you are trying to capture. By following these 5 simple steps, you will be on your way to capturing that perfect photo.

  1. Tell the story by capturing a candid moment. Photography gives us the ability to freeze a moment in time. One of the most important parts of capturing the perfect photo is to make sure to tell the story of what you are trying to capture in your image. JWP tip1
  2. Be careful of harsh sunlight. | Technically speaking, light is the most important piece of photography. Unfortunately, we can’t always control our lighting, but there are a couple of things to look out for when setting up your photo. One thing is to be careful about harsh lighting. Harsh midday light can be very unflattering because it causes shadows on your face. The best thing to do to combat this is to look for an area with open shade to create a nice even look over your subject’s face.JWP tip2
  3. Declutter the frame and have a clear subject. | Having a clear subject is very important. You want the people who view the image to know exactly what it is that you are trying to capture.JWP tip3
  4. Don’t be afraid to fill the frame. | Sometimes the best part of what you’re seeing and what you are trying to capture is in the details. Don’t be afraid to fill the frame in order to capture the finer details that tell the story alone.JWP tip4
  5. Be careful of angles. | Knowing what angle to take a photo from depends on your subject. As I’m sure we all know, a high angle tends to be a more flattering angle for women. Whereas for men, it might be more flattering to take a photo from a little lower of an angle to show height. As for kids, it’s best to get on their level when taking photos of them to see the world how they see it.JWP tip5

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