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To start, I want to give you a little background on my exercise history. Growing up I played various sports including softball, cross-country, track, and tennis. When I got to college, I would occasionally be dragged to a gym by one of my roommates but that was the extent of my workouts. However, I did walk a ton in college. All of my classes seemed to be on opposite ends of campus. So even though I wasn’t “working out”, I was getting plenty of exercise by walking. After college, I got a desk job and realized that my physical activity consisted of walking to the printer or to my car. This is when I decided I needed to incorporate exercise into my daily life. I still had no desire to go to a gym so I started utilizing the elliptical at my apartment gym. I am a creature of habit, so for literally 8 years I have woken up early to go get on the elliptical for 45 minutes Monday through Friday (unless I am traveling).

It wasn’t until I got engaged that I decided to start doing yoga. I wanted the infamous “wedding arms”. I loved yoga and the studio I was going to that I continued to do yoga even after my wedding.

Sadly, a month ago my yoga studio moved and it wasn’t possible to keep going. The reason I liked going/doing yoga was because it was convenient, worked well with my schedule, and I had some new-found muscle.

When looking for a new studio/workout facility I needed the same qualities or I would not stick with it. That was when I was introduced to Flywheel, or I should say Flybarre. I have yet to do Flywheel. I am more a low intensity, no shoes, no sweat worker-outer.

I have been going to Flybarre a little over a month now and I am obsessed! Reasons why I am obsessed? No problem…

A. It is less than a mile away from my condo. Find your location here.

B. You sign up online and reserve your mat ahead of time. I love this because there is no hoping to get a spot or for us OCD folks, our spot.

C. You show up and you leave. I show up less than 5 minutes in advance and the class sticks to their schedule. No, “oops we are 10 minutes late”.

D. The classes are 45 minutes to an hour…Perfect for efficiency.

E. I rarely break a sweat. Don’t let this fool you, I am working my little tail off.

F. I am sore for a least two days after a class.

G. The instructors are amazing. I love their energy and they are all sweethearts.

…Need I say more?

I recently hosted a free Flybarre class to share my love for this great workout and facility. It was such a blast and I got to workout with my favs!

A special thank you to Cassie Cresta, our Flybarre instructor and to all the lovely ladies that came out to join me for the class.

If you are an Atlanta local and would like to join the next class that I host, join my subscriber list and send me an email at and I will be sure to put you on the list!




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  1. Kelly says:

    Such a fun morning! Thanks for arranging it! Loved Fly Barre’s sweat session. xo, Kel

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