Packing for the Holidays

The Holidays mean family, friends, eating, drinking, and holiday travel. All good things except for packing and unpacking but that’s okay I will help you get through the packing part.

My first recommendation is to use the packing lists in the Stylebook App. If you don’t have this app already, than maybe it can be a goal for next year. In addition to the Stylebook App, I type up my packing list a couple of weeks before my trip. I first list out the days that I will be traveling and the outfits I want to wear for each day. For example…

Monday, November 23rd (Temp: H: /L: /% of rain: )

Day/Flight: Vince Jeans. Black Theory Long Sleeve Top. Black Flats. BB Dakota Jacket. Kate Spade Bag. Studs.

Dinner/Night: Black Jcrew Skirt. Theory Long Sleeve Top. Tights. Black Ralph Lauren Pumps. Loaffler Randall Clutch. BB Dakota Jacket. Gold Chain Necklace. Studs.

I do this for every day that I am traveling. Notice I wore the same top from day to night I just dressed it up with heels, a necklace, a clutch, and a skirt.

Some other helpful ideas for planning your outfits and making sure you do not over pack is to pack similar colors. I usually stick with black and nude. I almost never pack anything that is brown. This does not mean you will not pack color, just not for your main pieces. Also, pack pieces that you can transition. I love this crop top from Alice & Olivia and this cardigan from JCrew that I tie up.

You will all also notice “(Temp: H: /L: /% of rain: )” next to the day. This is so I can plan my outfit according to the weather. This will initially be blank until it gets closer.

After I plan what I am wearing for all the days and events that I will be going to while I am gone, I make a list underneath for ‘Additional Clothes’. This is where you will list anything extra you need to bring. I pack an additional simple/casual dress that I can throw on while in the hotel room or if I have to run down to the lobby and don’t want to get fully dressed.

The next portion of the packing list will be jewelry. I always pack a little on the heavy side when it comes to jewelry because you can easily dress up an outfit with a statement earring or necklace. This goes for lipsticks as well.

After jewelry, I list all of my toiletries. Save this portion of the list because it is usually standard for the majority of trips.

The packing list should now be complete. Once it is complete, print it, and then try on every outfit that you have planned for the trip. A lot of times I write an outfit down and then try it on and find I do not like it. This is so important because you do not want to get on a trip with a limited wardrobe and feel like you have nothing to wear.

The weekend before my trip, sometimes even earlier, I actually pack my suitcase. I always carry on my luggage, I am not willing to risk the airline losing my luggage/belongings. This is sometimes challenging if I’m going away for a while or somewhere that is cold and I need more layers. I found that the best way to pack is to roll like clothing together and place in your suitcase. Roll all of your dresses and tops in one big roll, Then roll all your pants, jeans, skirts, and shorts together and place the clothing rolls side by side in one side of your suitcase. On the other side pack your shoes and toiletries.

When I go home to Florida, I never pack a hairdryer, straightener, or sneakers. I have bought stuff to leave at my parents house or I borrow my mom’s things. I suggest doing this if you frequently travel to the same place.

For Winter or longer trips where you will pack more clothes I suggest buying a weekender. I love this one by Sole Society. That way you can carry on with your luggage and have more packing space. I bring a little bag that I can fit in the weekender. Right before I board, I slip my little bag into the weekender and wala, I have two carry on’s which puts me in compliance with airline rules.

I hope the is helpful for your upcoming trips. As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions. Safe travels!