The Perfect Family Picture

In case you missed the guest blog post I did for Jessica Wronker here it is again…

As the holidays approach, so does the pressure of holiday greeting cards. Whether it is you and your dog or you, your husband, four kids, two dogs, and one cat, I will share with you my top five do’s and don’ts for the perfect family picture.


  1. Stick with clothing styles that are classic and that you always feel great in. For me, an A line or skater dress/skirt all the way! I do not feel comfortable in bodycon dresses so I’m not going to wear one for my Christmas picture. If you have never liked a particular style, there is probably a reason.
  2. Incorporate your life. For example, my parents live in Florida so it is fun for them to share being on the boat or surrounded by palm trees. If you and your husband are coffee lovers, take a romantic photo in front of your favorite coffee shop.
  3. Be creative, not tacky. Pinterest has great ideas for holiday cards.
  4. Although you don’t want everyone in the photo to match, make sure you don’t clash. Monochromatic is great pallet to follow. All black is always a win.
  5. Smile! For some reason most men tend to not smile in their pictures. So either practice with them in the mirror or plan for a candid shot. If you are smiling and having a good time during your pictures it will show and people will enjoy getting your holiday card.


  1. Do not be matchy, matchy! No group photos of everyone in jeans and white t-shirts. For example, you, the wife/mom in a navy dress, your husband in a checkered navy (a shade lighter or darker) button up with jeans or slacks. If you have a pet put a festive bow tie or bow on them, put your daughter in a floral or stripped dress, and boys in jeans and a cute navy or white polo.
  2. Less is more. You don’t need to dress up like you are going to a Ball or have decorations galore in your photo. Look nice and put together (no wrinkly clothes). If you want to have your Christmas tree in the background that is great but you don’t need to wear antlers and a tacky Christmas sweater as well.
  3. Do not wait until the last minute. The holidays get crazy and the last thing you want to worry about is addressing and licking 150 envelopes. Start by finding a couple of card layouts that you like. Places like Shutterfly, TinyPrints, and Vistaprint have great affordable options. Set a date to have your picture taken. Order the cards. Then every week until you want to send out your cards, commit to addressing 25 a week (give or take).
  4. Do not wear flip flops. No matter what you are wearing, put on a heel. You will look a 100 times better. You don’t want your holiday card to look rushed or thrown together.
  5. Do not leave people out. If you had a tiff with a friend during the year, be the bigger person; send them your holiday card with a nice note. If someone sends you a card, send them one back…Make sure you buy extras, this tends to happen.

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  1. Nancy Borchelt says:

    Great tips! As today we are having a family photo taken!

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