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7 Functional Fitness Exercises

Hello, Fashion to a T readers! Today we have a special guest post from Contributing Author, Michele Smarty.


These exercises can provide miraculous results to those who have the capacity, routine, and consistency to perform the workouts efficiently and effectively. God has bestowed the body with flexibility and adaptability according to will and want.

By having a vast research, I have mentioned the world’s top best 7 functional fitness exercises that can help you to make your body stronger on daily basis i.e. given below:

7.    Caterpillar Walkout

In this exercise, the person has to stand straight with a distance between the feet same like the shoulder width with hands by placing at sides. Now, keep your hands in front of the feet and palms on the floor, lower the back into a squat position. Quickly walk by keeping hands out of the body straight from head to heels. After a pause, repeat the same one in a reverse direction. In order to have the better results, try doing this exercise on one leg that would be more helpful in keeping symmetry in buttock and legs. Start this exercise with right leg, then switch to another one after 30 seconds.

6.    Lean Tower of Pisa

This exercise also requires the person to stand tall with the feet having a distance of hips width. The arms should be extended out to the sides parallel to the ground. The right knee should be lifted to navel level perpendicular to the body. Keep torso rotating while leaning forward at buttock till right hand reaches to the left foot. Now, take a pause, move back to the starting position. Remember! During the whole exercise, the left leg would be raised from the ground. Repeat the exercise with right leg lifted. Switch the legs and continue doing the exercise. These exercises can benefit you more instead of having other inversion table benefits.

5.    Get-Up

To perform this exercise in an efficient manner, the person has to lie the face up with fully extended legs in a distance. With this, the right arm should be extended up to the ceiling in front of the chest and left arm at side by placing palm on the floor. Furthermore, draw both ankles towards glutes and raise the chest. Continue driving towards the ceiling and pressing down the floor with left palm and heels. Now, reach the standing position with right arm fully extended overhead. Switch the direction and continue the exercise in the reverse order. Be sure of using only one arm to stand and lower down back to the ground.


Each exercise would be performed in approximately 60-90 seconds, in which each 30 seconds process consists at least 3 cycles.

4.    Skipping Olympian

This is one of the best exercises to make a body strong and healthy. In this exercise, the person has to stand straight with back and extending the arms at sides parallel to the ground. With bending the right knee, swing backward quickly to the side, then to the front of the body to lift the left knee as in a skipping phase. When right foot touches the ground, switch the legs. Continue doing this exercise alternatively with both legs.

3.    Chop Squat

In this exercise, the person has to stand tall with feet together, arms extended overhead, and fingers are interlocked. Brace core and jump off the ground quickly. He has to land in a wide squat with thighs by keeping them parallel to the ground. The arms would be swinging towards the right hip. Repeat from the starting position and perform chop on the alternate sides.

2.    Uni-Plank Lift

This exercise starts with the traditional push-up position with right hand and raises the left leg 1 inch off the ground. Brace the core and quickly raise them until they are parallel to the ground. Continue these raises. Now, lower down for at least 30 minutes and then switching to opposite legs and arms. In order to avoid extra strain on the neck, keep watching the floor during the exercise.

1.    Wimbledon

This exercise also begins with the traditional lunge position with right leg forward and left leg 2 feet behind the back. With keeping hands in front of the chest, brace core and jump at the farthest point as possible. After this jump, jump back to the left. Continue doing jumping side by side.

Featured-7 Functional Fitness Exercises