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Hi!! I know, I’m the worst. I have been so MIA! I have been wrapped up with buying a house, family visiting, and my day job that I have abandoned my blog. And although I have been preoccupied, I wanted to do a post of some of my latest favorites. I hope you enjoy this long overdue post…

NuFace Prep-N-Glow Cloths

I have been using Neutrogena face wipes for as long as I can remember and have never been super impressed. When I heard about the Prep-N-Glow cloths, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try them.
After a long day of work, I came home, took my makeup off with my boring Neutrogena wipes, forgetting I just received my Prep-N-Glow cloths. I was really excited to use my new wipes so I decided to take a relaxing bath and do a couple of facial masks. I did three masks to be exact and washed my face with water after each one. After the last mask, I used the Prep-N-Glow wipes and I was shocked to see how much makeup the cloth got off. I then followed with the exfoliating side which left my skin glowing…Which I now know why they are named Prep-N-“Glow”!
In short, I am obsessed!


Southern Glow On The Go

Florida native here! No one would ever know considering I look like Casper majority of the time. I have been rocking the Casper look for quite some time because I do not have time to layout or drive around town, fully exfoliated, with no makeup on to wait in line to get a spray tan. Problem solved Southern Glow brings the spray tan to you. Yes, you heard me right…They bring the spray tan to you. Check out the picture below on how you can get your spray on in any room in your home.

So if a home delivered tan wasn’t good enough. Southern Glow is all natural, does not smell like syrup (or anything for that matter), and lasts for over a week.

If you are in the Atlanta area, be sure to check them out!

Southern Glow

A Gentleman’s Trove

This latest and greatest might seem like it is for the men in our life but I have not met one female that has ever said, “my husband/boyfriend is so easy to buy for”.  May I present, A Gentleman’s TroveGentleman’s Trove is upscale gift baskets for men. Done and done! I got the Speakeasy Host for my husband, Chris and he loved it.

The Speakeasy Host box is a Prohibition Era style set for a man who loves to throw a great party and/or curate the perfect cocktail. The box contains the tools, such as a W&P Design Mason Shaker Barware Set, and recipes like The Hella Company bitters to take their bartending skills to the next level. 

Brides and Grooms to be- they have groomsmen gifts for one stop shopping. Men in my life- eyemuffs! These gift sets make the perfect Christmas gifts!!

Gentlemans Trove

Rigby & Peller

When I first heard about Rigby & Peller, I thought it was a lingerie line. Boy, was I wrong! Rigby & Peller carries a lot of the same upscale brands that Bloomingdales, Saks, and Nieman’s. The difference may seem little but it makes a huge impact when shopping for bras. Think of a tailor-made bra as the experience and expertise that you will receive at Rigby & Peller. The lingerie stylists train for months in order to be able to fit and style by eye (or tape) to help find your perfect piece and/or will help you build your own lingerie wardrobe.

My first experience was so remarkable that I went back just three days later to buy another bra. I also bought my husband, Saxx briefs and he has even gone into our local Rigby & Peller to buy more.

The two bras that I have bought so far are a strapless bra by Marie Jo Avero and this pop of color padded bra by Marie Jo Aventure. Up until my first purchase, I had not met a strapless bra that I liked. I kid you not, I am wearing my Marie Jo Avero strapless bra even when I am not wearing a sleeveless top.

Here is a list of their locations, be sure to check them out!

Rigby & Peller