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Design Is Never Complete

I am a firm believer that design is never complete. After moving from a two bedroom condo into a house a couple of months ago, I found myself struggling to decorate all the rooms. I have purchased a couple of great pieces but still feel some of the rooms are incomplete. Since time is never on my side, I enlisted the help of SwatchPop!

SwatchPop! is an inexpensive online decorating service. First, you pick your project and create a name for your project. Second, you pick your “pop”. Each project starts at $49.95, you can add additional “pops” for $29.95.

I chose to focus on two projects, the wall across from our bed in our Master Bedroom and my Office. I did one “pop” in the Master and two in the Office. In the Master, I chose to focus on styling and accessorizing. I recently bought an acrylic stand from CB2 for under our TV and I am just not happy with how it looks. I’ve contemplated moving it over and adding a plant to take up more space along the wall but I couldn’t make up my mind.

After venting to SwatchPop! and filling out their very thorough profile checklist to effectively communicate my design style, I was on my way. They also let you attach your Pinterest board to make sure they are matching your style. I attached the picture below and provided some measurements.

Onto my Office dilemma…Since the whole room has me at a loss. I chose two “pops”. I wanted to focus on the layout of furniture and window fixtures. I sent the picture below…

Within under 48 hours, I received an email from Anu Sue, my designer…My projects were underway!

Drum roll, please!!! Here is the finished product in the Master. Ps- I love it!!

Isn’t it beautiful?? I love what they did! I already purchased the monstera leafs and the vase. Both very inexpensive. I love the stool that they picked out but I also found this one, so I am debating. Which one do you like better? Ps- they draw everything to scale, so no measurement surprises.

Que up the orchestra, because a drum roll is not enough for the Office reveal. SwatchPop! provided me two options for the office…

Option One:

Option Two:

Which one do you like better? I love the first one with the banana palm curtains. It is like the knew I was from Florida and the fact that I melt over any type of palm print. To top off the design recommendations, SwatchPop! gave me step by step instructions on how to hang the curtains and place the accessories.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I give SwatchPop! an 11! It was such great experience, a quick turnaround, I never had to leave my couch, and the price cannot be beat. If that is not convincing enough to check out SwatchPop!, use code FashiontoaT for 10% off.

Happy decorating!

The Perfect Gift

At any moment if my husband were to ask me what I wanted as a gift, I would be able to raddle off at least five things. The men in my life seem to be the complete opposite. I ask my husband what he wants and he says, “nothing”. I ask my dad, and he says, “nothing”. I ask my 22-year-old brother and he says, “nothing, well, I guess money”.

If you have the same problem, I have a solution! Meet Caddy SlacksCaddy Slacks are golf pants and shorts that basically have a pocket/place for everything they need on the course.   And to make our lives easier- they are non-iron. Each pair of pants and shorts comes with a logo ball mark and hang tag describing all the features which doubles as a beer/drink coaster!

Ladies- I promise your men won’t be disappointed. My husband loves the pants and I just order the shorts for him…And he is soooo picky!

The owner and innovator of Caddy Slacks is my husband’s cousin and a dear friend. Caddy Slacks is currently on Kickstarter. It would mean the world if you helped support him!


New Home, New Art

As some of you know, my husband and I recently bought a house and moved in at the end of October. We moved from a condo, so there was/is a lot we needed to buy. Slowly but surely we are getting there. Initially, I knocked out the bigger purchases, such as a desk, gym equipment, a full-length mirror, etc. I am now feeling more comfortable that the spaces are decorated with furniture but what I lacked was Art. We literally have nothing on the walls. I enlisted the help of a friend, who has launched her Fine Art business and who is amazingly talented. Meet my friend and talented artist, Lindsay Ghata.

Lindsay is originally from Florida and currently resides in Atlanta, good news for Atlanta locals (even though she ships)! She has studied Art in Florence, Italy and has done calligraphy for the past 5 years. Last year she started painting as a secondary creative outlet from her current job in advertising.

 At Lindsay Ghata Fine Art you can find acrylic, pastels and oil, large and small, and abstract paintings. My favorite is the gold foiling that she adds to some of her paintings.  The other great thing about Lindsay Ghata Fine Art, is that Lindsay offers consulting on design ideas based on your space. Be sure to check her out on Instagram too.

I have a long way to go but here are some of the pieces I chose for my Master Bedroom mantle. Which one do you like the best?

New Home, New Art
New Home, New Art
New Home, New Art
New Home, New Art
New Home, New Art