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The Perfect Wedding Day // My Top Five Musts

Not only is today my one year wedding anniversary and since my husband was the one encouraging me to start a fashion blog. Saying “I would miss my calling” if I did not share my passion for fashion and decor among other things. This post is for him.

In this post I will share with you some musts for planning the perfect day and how I brought my vision to life.

Royal Poinciana Chapel

Yay! So you are engaged! Now what? These are my top 5 musts to have a flawless and relaxed day.

  1. Research, research, research! Pinterest will be your best friend. I know you already have a secret board, refer back to it and make sure you still love all your pins. If not, do some editing, delete pins that you no longer like and start pinning new ideas. It is fun to incorporate new trends but do not make a new trend the foundation of your wedding. You will regret that decision in 10 years. Yes, I know, coming from the girl who wore a striped dress. Try to stick with styles you have always admired/loved.
  2. Spreadsheets! I would type out the word spreadsheets more times than I did research. They are that important! I must have had 20 spreadsheets and to do lists. Most importantly you will want to create a timeline. Work backwards- 12 months out, 8 months out, 6 months out, etc. You can find timelines online too. Incorporate these into your own list and add-on from there. I had everything from, get in-laws gifts to give the in-laws their gifts the day of. Other lists that you will want to create include the budget, vendor info, addresses, RSVP’s, gifts, and seating chart. If you think about it, put it on your list. Email me if you would like a copy of any of my overwhelming lists.
  3. Do you have must haves? You may have to give and take on this one but if it is doable, make sure it is a priority. One of my musts were peonies. Our florist at our venue could not promise we would get them, saying it was contingent on the batch they received that week. I was not willing to risk it and had a backup florist that could get them from Holland if need be. The main point is there is always a way so just stay calm and find a solution.
  4. Assemble a team! Your team will include your vendors, family members, bridal party, etc. You want to have a dream team. Keep this in mind when you are meeting with vendors. If a vendor is late to a meeting, you need to question if they will be late for your big day. Be nice to everyone. Who doesn’t want to help out someone who has been nice and easy to work with? Having a dream team starts with you. You need to communicate your vision and needs so your team knows exactly what you envision so they can execute.
  5. Do not give up on what you want/envision. This goes back to number three- must haves, it is that important. Know that things will not always work out the first time but where there is a will there is a way. For example, a lot of photographers suggest a first look. My husband and I did not want a first look. We were organized and came up with a schedule that honored our wish and didn’t have our guests at the cocktail hour for hours. Follow your gut, if you have always dreamed about a pink wedding dress- do it!! Do not let someone talk you out of it. If you wanted a pink dress since you were four but the bridal store does not have a pink dress, it does not mean you do not get your pink dress! Amen!

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Didier Wedding 6.7.15

Reminiscing 6.7.14

Milly Sheer Stripe

Milly Sheer Stripe

Milly Sheer Stripe

Milly Sheer Stripe

Milly Sheer Stripe

Hayley Paige Guindon

Milly Top // DYI ripped J Brand Jeans // Christian Louboutin Pumps // Fendi Clutch (similar) // JCrew Earrings (similar) // Le Specs Sunglasses

This top reminded me so much of my Hayley Paige Wedding Dress that I had to have it!

Location: Buckhead, Atlanta

Dear friend and photographer for the day: @elizabethann228